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Sunday, July 19, 2009

California Rodeo Salinas - Sunday

This is one of my favorite angles to shoot sports. The overhead is a very clean shot and works great especially when you get a nice facial expression like in the above photo.

I shot the final day of the California Rodeo Salinas today and have a great time and felt like I made some nice frames. I had about 300 keepers from about 1,100 photos taken.

I got some nice low angles from the photo pits across from the chutes and then a great roof overhead angle, which worked great for many shots.

Bareback riding (above two shots) is probably my favorite event to shoot. It's a very intense spectacle and the horses can buck much more violently than the bulls, though the bulls can be a bit more gnarly in case of a trampling...

I love the photo above with the all cowboy hats looking on.

I was able to create a few nice blur shots of cowboys during their straight line direction during the calf roping.

The above shot was terribly underexposed when I looked at it in Photoshop, but I was able to make a nice shadow-y frame out of it.

I like how the steer is tied off from both ends. I think the ropes make the shot here.

Freestyle bullfighter favorite "Hollywood" Don Yates.

I saw this photo as I was walking up to the roof. It's a neat frame.

When I first arrived, there were these four cowboys killing time by playing hacky sack. I found it kinda funny, so I took a picture.

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Nic Coury/staff photographer

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