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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Using the Sun on a Sunday.

I went out and tried some new stuff today.

The clouds were out and the sun was really bright, so why not work with both.

The two photos above I shot at Dennis the Menace park in Monterey, which is a neat place and probably been shot one too many times, but the challenge is finding new ways to make cool photos in overshot places. I found making some nice silhouettes was the key on this old train and kids crossing the bridge.

Later on, I went to the Obon Festival in Seaside at the Buddhist Temple and played more with the clouds and the sun. I shot the Taiko drummers during a performance.

And the paper lanterns.

And a girl dressed in garb. I wanted to play with high-speed flash sync and shooting into the sun, which can be difficult, but turned out cool.

My editor pointed out some paper cranes to shoot...

And I used slower shutter speeds during a Jujutsu demo.

Rodeo blogs coming this week...

~ nic

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