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Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 10: Concepcion, Chile

Mon., Sept. 22
Concepcion, Chile

After Peru, Chile seems very...what's the word? First World? Developed? I'm not comfortable with either of these terms, especially since they seem to correlate with lighter skin. But this is a first impression.

The people I've seen carry themselves more like Americans than Peruvians—absorbed in their own worlds. No one has tried to sell me anything or catcalled me. But strangers haven't smiled at me, either. Feels like home.

The fish market also contrasts sharply with the one we visited in Peru. The fish are displayed cleanly on tables, the shellfish arranged attractively in dishes, looking good enough to eat on the spot.

The Universidad de Concepcion campus feels something like the University of Oregon, with its statues and manicured lawns under gray skies, but with shabbier buildings. Students (the men hippishly scruffy, the women casual metro-chic) flow between classes like currents in a lazy stream. Outside the oceanography building, a giant whale skeleton swims in the air.

We are both tired and a bit sick. All this moving around is draining.

-Kera Abraham; photo by Robin Parrott


Unknown said...

I hope you guys are able to get some sufficient rest soon.

What would be considered a "Second World" Country? I never understood those terms either.

be safe

ray said...

I like the photo and the update. Always good to know whats happening. Those fish on the table are so...coral.! I've made references to the waste water going into the ocean in thanks for the fact, detail, and example. Makes my American students squirm.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you and Robin are not feeling well. The pictures are a great addition to the blogs. Please get enough rest and take care.