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Sunday, July 19, 2009

California Rodeo Salinas - Sunday

This is one of my favorite angles to shoot sports. The overhead is a very clean shot and works great especially when you get a nice facial expression like in the above photo.

I shot the final day of the California Rodeo Salinas today and have a great time and felt like I made some nice frames. I had about 300 keepers from about 1,100 photos taken.

I got some nice low angles from the photo pits across from the chutes and then a great roof overhead angle, which worked great for many shots.

Bareback riding (above two shots) is probably my favorite event to shoot. It's a very intense spectacle and the horses can buck much more violently than the bulls, though the bulls can be a bit more gnarly in case of a trampling...

I love the photo above with the all cowboy hats looking on.

I was able to create a few nice blur shots of cowboys during their straight line direction during the calf roping.

The above shot was terribly underexposed when I looked at it in Photoshop, but I was able to make a nice shadow-y frame out of it.

I like how the steer is tied off from both ends. I think the ropes make the shot here.

Freestyle bullfighter favorite "Hollywood" Don Yates.

I saw this photo as I was walking up to the roof. It's a neat frame.

When I first arrived, there were these four cowboys killing time by playing hacky sack. I found it kinda funny, so I took a picture.

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Nic Coury/staff photographer

Thursday, July 16, 2009

California Rodeo Salinas - Professional Bulling Riding

Last night I went over to Salinas to cover the Professional Bull Riding (PBR), part of the 2009 California Rodeo Salinas. Read the Weekly's story here.

I really made an effort to shoot different photos—aside from a few c.y.a. stop action photos. I shot wider, blurred motion and worked with nice available back light.

Check out my story at the Weekly here.

More to come this weekend...

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Nic Coury/staff photographer

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Using the Sun on a Sunday.

I went out and tried some new stuff today.

The clouds were out and the sun was really bright, so why not work with both.

The two photos above I shot at Dennis the Menace park in Monterey, which is a neat place and probably been shot one too many times, but the challenge is finding new ways to make cool photos in overshot places. I found making some nice silhouettes was the key on this old train and kids crossing the bridge.

Later on, I went to the Obon Festival in Seaside at the Buddhist Temple and played more with the clouds and the sun. I shot the Taiko drummers during a performance.

And the paper lanterns.

And a girl dressed in garb. I wanted to play with high-speed flash sync and shooting into the sun, which can be difficult, but turned out cool.

My editor pointed out some paper cranes to shoot...

And I used slower shutter speeds during a Jujutsu demo.

Rodeo blogs coming this week...

~ nic

Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 US Red Bull Moto GP - Sunday

2009 U.S. Moto GP winner Dani Pedrosa leads the pack down the corkscrew on the first lap.

Pedrosa exits turn 3.

The 2009 U.S. Red Bull Moto Grand Prix weekend has finished. It's now only second to bike racing as my favorite sport to photograph.

The entire weekend was great. Shooting bikes moving at speeds upwards of 200 mph is very difficult and creating different shots than all the other photogs is hard as well.

Fiat Yamaha teammates Valentino Rossi (foreground) and Jorge Lorenzo pass turn 3.

On Sunday morning, prior to the main race, I got to shoot in the Fiat Yahama garage where Valentino Rossi was prepping with his team. I made some very nice feature shots of him.

Below is my workspace in the media center where I spent lots of time editing photos and posting slideshows to the web. Oh, and drinking all the Red Bull I could handle.

Below is the press conference room, shot with Sunday's three winners.

My buddies Orville Meyers of the Monterey Herald and Scott MacDonald of the Salinas Californian hang out in the photo area at the corkscrew on Sunday before the race.

Race winner Dani Pedrosa enters the corkscrew.

Valentino Rossi leads Casey Stoner (center) and Jorge Lorenzo into turn 10.

Rossi leads Lorenzo around turn 3.

Lorenzo passes his team's sign at turn 3.

Next up, the California Rodeo...

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Nic Coury / Staff Photographer

Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009 US Red Bull Moto GP - Day 3

Valentino Rossi takes on Turn 4.

Rossi waves to fans after the qualifying runs.

Nicky Hayden zooms up the hill after turn 5.

Hayden leads the pack of GP racers around turn 5.

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Nic Coury/Staff Photographer

2009 US Red Bull Moto GP - Day 3

Saturday of the 2009 U.S. Moto GP gives Rossi's teammate, Jorge Lorenzo, the fastest times, which might with "The Doctor" a run during Sunday's Grand Prix.

A few images from the morning practice session.

Jorge Lorenzo turns around the Andretti hairpin.

Valentino Rossi takes the second turn during practice.

Rossi accelerates into the straightaway after the third turn.

A photographer shoots racers roaring through the third turn at Laguna Seca.

The Doctor races around turn three, under his sponsor's sign.

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Nic Coury/Staff Photographer

2009 US Red Bull Moto GP - Day 2

I headed out to the race track at about 11 am today for the pure reason to get back out in the photo pits and prepare for Sunday's race.

Nicky Hayden soars through the Rainey Curve.

I wanted to find the good angles that I felt comfortable shooting from and could move around easily in order to make a bunch of a different pictures.

I forgot how fast the bikes move and how it's much different that other sports in terms of the tracking them on the course.

Most of the day, I was shooting at ISO 200, between f/4 and f/5.6, 1/1600th second and 1/5000 sec. Both cameras performed flawless-y, especially with the great focus-tracking from Nikon's newer cameras.

Following my buddy and Reuter's photog, David Royal, we hit the infamous corkscrew for some practice lap action to shoot the lead racers: Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Nicky Hayden.

A line of riders enter the corkscrew.

Valentino Rossi holds on to a turn on the corkscrew.

Casey Stoner exits the corkscrew.

Nicky Hayden rides the corkscrew during track practice on Friday.

Casey Stoner during Friday practice.

A young fan hold a Valentino Rossi t-shirt for an awaiting autograph.

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Nic Coury/Staff Photographer