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Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 9: Lima to Concepcion

Sunday, Sept. 21
Peru to Chile

Well, I got busted.

I bought the stuff in Lima the night before my flight to Chile. Packed my things and caught a few hours of sleep before waking up at 3:30am to take a cab to the Lima airport. I figured I'd enjoy it on the plane, before going through Chilean customs.

But I fell asleep on the flight, forgot all about it. In the Santiago airport the signs were everywhere, reminding me to get rid of it. A bulbous green receptacle at baggage claim offered one more chance, no questions asked.

I didn't even think twice. Thought I was clean. An airport dog paused at my bag, sniffed, raised its tail--then moved on.

When my bags passed through the customs x-ray, the officer pulled my backpack aside and asked me to open it. No sweat. Then, as she ruffled through it, I remembered:

Two oranges and a bag of raisins. Carajo.

The officer pulled out the offending produce and frowned. Come with me, she said.

I know agriculture imports are forbidden. And I understand why: the light brown apple moth, for instance, probably hitched to Cali on an innocent-looking fruit. The spore that causes sudden oak death, the scourge of Big Sur, is believed to have arrived on a gentle rhododendron. So these Peruvian oranges, and even the sealed bag of raisins, could theoretically cause serious trouble in Chile.

But I felt ridiculous sitting in the customs office like a kid facing the principal. Over the course of about an hour, I got a little lecture and had to sign a series of papers, including a statement--"I bought it in Lima, meant to eat it on the plane but fell asleep and forgot I had it. I'm sorry."

The fine might be $4,500 U.S., said the woman handling my case. Then she paused, just to watch me hyperventilate.

...But, she added, since you're not aggressive and this is your first offense, we'll give you the minimum fine of 37,000 pesos--about $75. The next time, she says, it will be much more severe.

I swore there would not be a next time.

-Kera Abraham


Unknown said...

:| darn, i'm sorry to hear that you had to go through so much. though i am glad to hear that the fine was $75 instead of $4,000+.

great story telling by the way. i can vividly see your expressions as well as all panning and zooming of camera angles.

hopefully the next blog is one filled with less emotion of panic and frustration.

oh...and absolutely no bubble guts.

stay safe.


ray said...

Great photo of the flight. You had me goin' there for a second...I'm glad you speak Spanish and I'm sure you were eloquent with the officer. I was wondering what was the holdup!

Anonymous said...

Had me going too. Did they allow you to eat the oranges? Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Kera - great article. Drink coffee the next time before going on the plane

Anonymous said...

well written! you had me the whole way.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Since I knew that you had to have been released to have written this blog...I was okay. Even the $75.00 and the detainment at the airport had to have hurt though. Curse those darn fruits from Peru.
Love you,