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Friday, January 16, 2009

Many And Many A Year Ago

Jan. 15, 5:42pm

By Mark C. Anderson

The well read pres 2 b wud do well 2 study up @ baltimore's annabel sea tavern in canton, named 4 edgar allan poe's last poem. good words on walls. tasty resurrection ale in glsses. & crab stuffed shrimp w/honey grits & ettouffe. & oysters w/horseradish bbq sauce n smokd applewood bacon.
they'll celebrate ol EAP's 200th birthday here 1 day b4 the huge president #44 party in DC. Poe fans rightly expect this party 2 be a lil mo macabre.

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zelda said...

quoth the raven...(gwb) nevermore.