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Thursday, January 15, 2009

History Passing Through

Jan. 15, 4:26pm

By Mark C. Anderson

Charm city. Obama will stop here saturday as he traces the train trail Lincoln took almost 150 years ago. Many inaugural goers - including the Alisal high ap government group - will stay here...where hotels are stuffed like maryland crab ravioli & streets r already closed off in obama anticipation.


Anonymous said...

don't know how the weekly can underwrite mad missions like deez, but i be liking. wish more montereey media could do the same. i can't go b/c i gotta work, but feel better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Dumb Fuck Inc. - you can't go because you don't have the money. Just like the country doesn't have the money to throw $150 million at a masturbation of an inauguration self congratulation like this event. Thanks for winning Obama, but spend that money on child health care.