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Thursday, May 14, 2009

'All I do is say lobsters have two penises,' says author Trevor Corson (Secret Life of Lobsters) on how he slips conservation in via humor.

Gulp - twice the number of people on planet as 50 years ago. And each is eating twice the amount of seafood, according to Aquarium's Dr. ...

Uh oh: Seafood Watch chief says humans are going to be eating more farm-raised seafood than wild this year, a first.

International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge's Hans Herren: 'Cheap food is the problem. Food should be more expensive. We throw ha ...

Blume has some interesting ideas on how to do it, incl. growing kelp in oceans' dead zones to soak up nutrients and generate oxygen.

David Blume (International Institute for Ecological Agriculture): 'Think bigger. Think regeneration. Sustainability is kind of wimpy.'

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